Constance Larrieu

Constance Larrieu is an actress, stage director and musician (10 years in a choir, 8 years in an orchestra, and playing the modern and baroque violin).

She studied at the Regional School of Actors in Cannes, France (ERAC) and worked with Charlotte Clamens, Olivier Cadiot, Ludovic Lagarde, Laurent Poitrenaux, Valérie Dréville, Catherine Marnas, Didier Galas, Youri Pogrebnitchko, Philippe Demarle et Richard Dubelski among others Nina Dipla, Stefany Ganachaud, Pascal Rambert… She followed a masterclass in Italy with Massimiliano Farau and Marco Bonadei and she is speaking French, Italian and English.
She also studied at the Popular Conservatory of Music in Geneva (Switzerland) and obtained a degree in violin with congratulations of the jury.

After finishing her formation, she produced and directed a rhythmic and acoustic version of “Manque” from Sarah Kane and presented it in Marseille and Paris. Then, she played in “Calderon” from Pasolini, produced by Clara Chabalier (Young Talent prize of Paris) and was subsequently hired by Ludovic Lagarde to play in “Un nid pour quoi faire?” from Olivier Cadiot for the Festival of Avignon and to integrate the permanent troop of the Artistic Comity of the Reims Comedy for the 2009/2010 and 2011/2013 seasons. She played in different shows under the direction of Emilie Rousset, Simon Delétang, Guillaume Vincent, Jean-Philippe Vidal, Alexandra Badea, Jonathan Michel, as well as in the Büchner trilogy: “La mort de Danton”, “Léonce et Léna” and “Woyzeck”, directed by Ludovic Lagarde.

Between 2012 and 2014, she produced and directed “Canons” from Patrick Bouvet with the composer Richard Dubelski, and “Ripostes”, a concert-show for the general audience around French baroque composers and texts from Molière with the ensemble “Les Ramages” directed by Véronique Jamain. She then worked with Emilie Rousset and Anne Kawala in collaboration with IRCAM and the 104 Paris, and played in “Galla Placidia”, a contemporary opera written by Antonin Servière and directed by Jean de Pange, played at the Royaumont Foundation.

In 2014-2015, she directed two operas: “Les Indes Galantes” by Rameau with Les Paladins, at the Opera of Reims, Compiègne, and on tour; and “Platée” by Rameau with the Czech Baroque Orchestra for the Znojmo Music Festival (CZ). She also directed a scenic version of Pygmalion by Rameau for the Baroque Festival in Abbaye de Clairvaux with Les Paladins.

Then she played in “Un film événement”, a full length movie produced by César Vayssié. (Nanterre Amandiers, T2G Gennevilliers, Festival Actoral Marseille), and was selected by the artistic association Adami Actors’ words to play in “Portrait de Famille” directed by Jean-François Sivadier for the Paris Autumn Festival in 2015. She was also selected by Christoph Marthaler to participate to a workshop in Venice during the Biennale 2015.

She has written, directed with Didier Girauldon, and played in “La Fonction de l’orgasme” a one woman show which will still be on tour in 2018-2019 (created at La Comédie de Reims, played at Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy and across France). Didier and Constance have worked together on “Fratrie” and “Les Paratonnerres” from the Canadian author Marc-Antoine Cyr in Tours (France) and Montréal. They have also directed “Don Giovanni” by Mozart in july 2016 with the Czech Baroque Orchestra for the Music Festival of Znojmo, and they have recently presented their new show at the POP-Paris called “Féminines” which deals with feminine characters in the lyric repertory with the singers Dima Bawab, Pauline Sikirdji and the pianist François Sikirdji.

Constance Larrieu is now preparing a musical and theatrical show for 2019: a commission from T&M production in collaboration with 10 different famous contemporary women composers in order to meet them and write about their way of working and living with music.

At the same time, she still continues to act for example in Trois By Mani Soleymanlou at Theatre de Chaillot in Paris, in Breaking the news by Alexandra Badea and directed by Jonathan Michel, in Les Paratonnerres directed by Didier Girauldon at Centre dramatique de Tours, in La 7ème fonction du langage by Laurent Binet directed by Sylvain Maurice at Centre dramatique de Satrouville (premiere in November 2017).

She collaborates on a regular basis as an actress or as a stage director with several structures and musical ensembles: Les Paladins directed by Jérôme Correas, Les Ramages, directed by Véronique Jamain, Richard Dubelski: Corps à sons company, the Mantes-la-Jolie and Evry Conservatories, the french composer André Serre-Milan, and recently with Les Monts du Reuil directed by Hélène Murgier and Pauline Warnier.

As a teacher, she gives masterclasses and theatrical workshops for singers, actors, students and teenagers in Nanterre Amandiers, Opera of Reims, Conservatory around Paris, and lends her voice to audioguides or dubbing for different museum, documentaries or TV series.

Her theatrical practice cannot be separated from her musical sensibility and she always tries to find some link between those two forms of art.