Emmanuel Clerc

Emmanuel Clerc started studying music in Dijon and continued on in Boston at the Berklee School of music.

In 2001, he illustrated a show created by La compagnie des Prairies at the square du vert-galant and ended up as a finalist of La Musique et la Mer, a composition competition of the Word Festival of underwater images in Antibes Juan-les-Pins.

In 2003, he started a collaboration with the Éditions Buissonnières and published 6 pieces for violin and piano created in June of the same year. He also orchestrated a stage music for Ubu roi, a play written by Alfred Jarry and Claude Terrasse which was performed with comedian Alain Carré in 2006. He worked on the restitution of the comic-opera Cendrillon algonside Les Monts du Reuil. His collection of pieces for piano four hands, a beautiful tribute to Jean Cras, was prefaced by François-René Duchâble. He also wrote Les deux chasseurs et la laitière from a Louis Anseaume libretto as well as a melodies collection for voice and string trio.

Emmanuel Clerc is an exceptional composer and his passion for early 20th century French music prompted him to create subtle pieces filled with suggestive harmonies. A dash of jazz sometimes tends to emerge from his music…

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