Patricia Bonnefoy

Patricia was born in Reims, in northeastern France. This is where she started the violin at 7 at the Conservatoire, where she obtained her degrees in violin, music theory, chamber music and musical analysis.

She then went to perfect her art at Dijon’s Conservatoire National de Region, in the Quatuor Manfred’s class for chamber music, and with Marie Béreau for the violin.

She has been a member of Reims Orchestra since 1997 and has played in every opera and symphonic production since. She has been teaching the violin at the local Conservatoire in Hirson since 1999 and in Chauny since 2010.

Her interest for early and baroque music developed with Fabio Bonizzoni from the ensemble « la Risonanza », and then with Jean-Claude Malgoire, which led her to study baroque violin with Benjamin Chénier, Philippe Couvert, Carlo Lazzaroni, Bénédicte Pernet and Mira Glodeanu.

Patricia Bonnefoy regularly performs with Le cercle baroque, La cantate du café, Les Monts du Reuil, Akademia and La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy.