Helene Clerc-Murgier Pauline Warnier


Au cabaret des poilus (The soldier’s cabaret)
Theatrical and musical show
Saint-Saëns, Paladilhe, Février, Péguy, Daudet…

During World War I, soldier-artists are checked in the military hospital of Châlon-sur-Marne. Christmas is approaching and they need to put on a show to entertain the injured and boost the soldiers’ moral! The colonel Osnobichine, chief of the Russian ambulance, is in charge of the show that will be given in front of the highest-ranking officers and dignitaries from the town…

Captain O’Kelkuitt and Marshal Bouse will lead all the performers. Constantly switching between emotion, humor and patriotism, they will put on an incredible show.

Next date: November 25, 2017

Musée de l'Histoire Vivante - Parc Montreau, 31 bd Théophile Sueur, 93100 Montreuil

November 28, 2017

Au cabaret des poilus (The soldier’s cabaret) - Theatrical and musical show

Salle des fêtes Roger Perrin, 17 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 51210 Montmirail

Artistic collaboration: Constance Larrieu

Musicology: Florence Doé de Maindreville

Costume design: Valia Sanz

Lights: Pierre Daubigny

Baritone: Julien Fanthou

Actor: Pierre Daubigny

Violin/Actor: Pathy Bonnefoy

Cello/Clarion: Pauline Warnier

Piano: Hélène Clerc-Murgier

Ensemble Les Monts du Reuil, Opéra de Reims, Région Grand-Est.
Ce spectacle est diponible toute la saison 2017-2018 et 2018-2019. Il s'inscrit notamment dans les commémorations de la guerre de 14-18. Voir le calendrier

December 26, 1916. Au Cabaret des poilus (The soldier’s cabaret) decided to put on a show that was performed in 1915 for the armed forces at Christmas time. The show alternates between instrumental music, songs, sketches, poems and speeches. It is designed to entertain World War I soldiers, is touching, hysterically funny, nostalgic and patriotic, but also conveys a message of propaganda that must shock the audience! The artistic approach to this 1915 concert is fascinating as various famous authors and composers teamed up to write it. The overall tone of the show is entertainment although it is very varied. It embodies warmth and generosity. The audience dreams, laughs, gently pokes fun at the cast, all in all, it feels moved.

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